about me

I’m originally from upstate NY, but my career has bounced me back and forth across the country a few times now. I went to college at Cornell University, got my PhD from UC Santa Cruz, did my first postdoc at MIT and now I’m doing a second postdoc at JPL, working within the Exoplanet Exploration Program Office.

I love to bake and jumped onto the sourdough bandwagon this past year. In addition to some solid sourdough loaves, this has provided the only true NY style bagels I’ve been able to find in Southern CA. My quest to make New England quality cider donuts hasn’t been quite as successful yet, but it’s a work in progress.

I’m a big board game enthusiast and will gladly sink many hours into a night of gaming with friends. And my favorite active hobby is dancing, I was part of a competitive ballroom team in college and grad school and now I mostly do social west coast swing for fun.

Random snapshots of my favorite people, trips & activities